about us
A good design is thought out to the smallest detail.
Dieter Rams

Giving people a moment of rest in comfortable armchair was the case at the beginning, when our parents founded the company and so it is today. 

Nowadays, as the research shows, we spend around 5 hours sitting, that is why the comfort of sitting becomes indisputable. 

about us
about us

It is just a moment, when we sit on the armchair or chair, and we already  know if it is comfortable or not. This one, short moment consists of a whole range of elements: the seat, armrest, backrest angle, footrest, balanced hardness - softness, shape, material, profiling, and adjustability.... In a good design nothing can be left to a chance. Diligence and accuracy are an expression of our care for the user. This is the matter in which we commit ourselves wholeheartedly. 

With each created product, from the concept through design and production, we want to give people comfort and joy. Always leaving a space to a user for her or his own expression. 


Kasia, Michał and Szymon Łuczak

about us

Our new products in the eye of the camera.

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